Jag Brush TM nylon

Types of Guns

Jag BrushesTM are for rifles, shotguns, and barrels removed from semi-auto pistols. Our 2.5-inch rifle Jag BrushesTM are longer than 2.0-inch standard rifle brushes. They, being longer than standard rifle brushes, are too long for revolver chambers, but they fit into rifle chambers when entry is from the muzzle end.

Two Radial Diameters

The combination of brush with patch does not get stuck inside the bore because the Jag-BrushTM design features two radial diameters. The front half of a Jag BrushTM has a radial diameter smaller than the bore, giving it the ability to hold a patch and wipe the bore without getting stuck. The rear half of a Jag BrushTM has a radial diameter larger than the bore, allowing it to brush the bore.

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