BoreSmith 22-30-35-45 Jag BrushesTM and Triangle PatchesTM for Rods

4 Brush Kit for Rods<br><font FACE="Verdana" color="#C31919" SIZE="1">Dual-Purpose Bore Brush</FONT><br>Rifle & Semi-Auto Pistol <br><font FACE="Verdana" color="#C31919" SIZE="1">Notched Triangular Patches</FONT>
4 Brush Kit for Rods
Dual-Purpose Bore Brush
Rifle & Semi-Auto Pistol
Notched Triangular Patches
Item# 5600smultical
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Product Description

BoreSmith's Cleaner FasterTM Kit in slide pack brings together our new gun bore cleaning products:

   -- Triangle PatchesTM
   -- Jag BrushesTM for rods.

Triangle PatchesTM do not get stuck and make more contact. Jag BrushesTM do dual-purpose cleaning since their two-diameter construction allows for a patch on the front of the brush.

Triangle PatchTM Quantity

80 patches total, where 40 are sized for 22, and 40 are sized for 30, 35, and 45. When a patch is used in combo with our Jag BrushTM, whose small diameter presses a patch tightly against a bore wall, even an undersized patch does a great job cleaning a larger bore.

Jag BrushTM Caliber

22 brush is for cal 22, 223, 5.56mm.
30 brush is for cal 30, 308, 30-06, 7.62mm, 7.5mm.
35 brush is for cal 35 rifle, 380 and 9mm semi-auto pistols.
45 brush is for cal 45, 44, 11.2mm, and 11.43mm.

Jag BrushTM Length

The total product length including connector is about 3.5 inches, and that is too long for a revolver, the brush being unable to clear a revolver bore and unable to fit inside its chamber. When a barrel is detached from a semi-auto pistol's chamber, then our long brush will do great.

See Videos

Triangle Patch TM video here.
Jag Brush TM video here.