Utility Brushes, Angle BrushesTM

Utility Brushes

Reach Where You Could Not

Precision cleaning with our Angle BrushTM allows you to reach into corners, cavities, channels, crevices, edges, and holes. They are great for cleaning starred chambers and actions. Thus, they allow you to make your firearms Cleaner FasterTM.

Bristle Types

Stainless-steel bristles are used on stainless steel and hard metals. Phosphor-bronze bristles are used on hard/soft/blued metals. Nylon bristles are used on metals or plastic polymers.

Surface Types

The Angle BrushesTM will help you remove stubborn rust, carbon deposits, oxide layers, other chemical corrosion, and embedded dirt or grime.

Our History and Commitment

BrushsmithTM (Rigel Products) pioneered pencil brushes into the gun market in Summer 2005. We designed and engineered them to a high standard so that, even when competing designs came out after 2005, we think you will agree that ours remain the best on the gun-cleaning market.