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Below are our patent-pending Dual-Purpose Jag BrushesTM. If instead you want our Standard bore brushes, please click on the menu bar at the left called "Bore Brushes Standard."

Dual Purpose

The two radial diameters of a Jag BrushTM turn your gun rod into a dual-action cleaning system and your cable into a triple-action one, allowing you to make your firearm Cleaner FasterTM. A patch of any shape applied to one end of our Utility Patent-Pending Jag BrushTM wipes the bore while, at the same time, the other longer bristle portion of the brush brushes the bore wall.

Other Benefits

Please click on items to read about additional benefits such as follows:
-- dynamic gap clearance,
-- deeper cleaning,
-- faster cleaning,
-- safer cleaning.

See Video

By BoresmithTM here or recommendation by AGI here.

Patent Pending

Utility patents are pending in the USA and other countries.

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