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For Cables<br><font FACE="Verdana" color="#C31919" SIZE="1">Triple-Purpose<br>Premium</FONT><br>Rifle & Semi-Auto Pistol
For Cables

Rifle & Semi-Auto Pistol
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Product Description

For Cables<br><font FACE="Verdana" color="#C31919" SIZE="1">Triple-Purpose<br>Premium</FONT><br>Rifle & Semi-Auto Pistol

Triple Purpose One-Pull Field Brush

Our Jag BrushTM is triple purpose since it spreads solvent, brushes, and lubes. A leading patch soaked with solvent is punctured by the conical tip next to the threaded connector. The patch is pulled across the connector where it stops at the bristles to wrap around smaller radial diameter bristles. At the middle, the large diameter bristles brush the bore. A trailing patch soaked in oil or lubricant goes through a loop at the rear.

Two Radial Diameters

The combination of brush with patch does not get stuck inside the bore because the Jag-BrushTM design features two radial diameters. The front half of a Jag BrushTM near the connector has a radial diameter smaller than the bore, giving it the ability to hold a patch and wipe the bore without getting stuck. The rear half of a Jag BrushTM has a radial diameter larger than the bore, allowing it to brush the bore.

Types of Guns

Jag BrushesTM are premium bore brushes for rifles, shotguns, and barrels removed from semi-auto pistols. Our 2.75-inch rifle Jag BrushesTM are longer than 2.0-inch standard rifle brushes. They, being longer than standard rifle brushes, are too long for revolver chambers. With the connector included, our brushes have a total length of 4.25 inches.

Bristle Types

Bristle types are phosphor bronze or nylon. Please see drop down list above.

Dynamic Gap Clearance

Bristles of a Jag BrushTM , being flexible, actively self-adjust to make the gap clearance dynamic, where the clearance is measured between bristle tips and bore wall.

Proof of the gap being dynamic or variable is the fact that a Jag BrushTM can push 1 to 6 times patch thickness of thick cotton flannel. While the pushing the extreme case of 6-layer pleats of thick flannel is not recommended, it shows the dynamic range. On the other hand, solid jags or loops are designed for 3-layer pleats, and their inflexibility makes them unable to push 6-layer pleats of thick cotton flannel. See details in press release here.


Because active self-adjusting bristles create dynamic or variable gaps or spaces for patches to fill between bristles and bore wall, they create smaller ones than solid jags or loops. Filling a tighter space means patches are pushed further into rifling.

Gaps for standard solid jags are 1 to 2.5 times patch thickness (of thick cotton flannel), but for a Jag BrushTM gaps are only 0.3 to 1.3 time patch thickness, usually being less than 1. See details in press release here.


When patch extremities aka corners reach into the large diameter section of a Jag BrushTM, long bristles pierce fabric and drag it inside rifling. See details in press release here.


Not only does our Jag BrushTM press fabric deeper into rifling, it, having bristles all the way down its length, presses a patch along the entire radius of the patch. Being able to press along the entire radius means it is capable of pressing 1-layer and 2-layer pleats that occur at the extremity aka corners of a patch. See details in press releases here and here..

An additional advantage our brush has over loops is the fact that our brush does not miss spots since it presses symmetrically around its circumference. See details in press release here.


The actively self-adjustment nature of bristles means it has a wider tolerance for the number of patch pleats it can push down a bore, and wider tolerance means less likely to become stuck. See details in press release here.

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Packaged in a heavy-duty twist tube.