Boresmith TM Cable with Handle

Cable <FONT FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1"><br>Vinyl-Coated<br>with Handle</FONT>
with Handle
Item# 4805

Product Description

-- 8-32 brass female fittings swaged at each end;
-- diameter is 1/8 inch, or 0.125 inch;
-- steel-wire rope is vinyl coated;
-- length is 36 inches;
-- carabiner handle has pulled onto it an 8-32 male eye-bolt connector allowing it to detach from cable.

Our cleaning cable fits the 8-32 males of our bore brushes caliber 22 through 50. To fit it with cal 17 or 20 brushes or with gauge 20 or 12 brushes, one needs to have an adapter.