Benefits of Triangle Patches TM.

Detail behind Benefits

Do Not Get Stuck

The 100%-cotton flannel gun cleaning patches are less likely to get stuck inside the gun bore because the worldwide Utility Patent-Pending triangular shape and notches remove 5-layer folds.

Make More Contact

More patch surface area contacts the bore wall since the radius is longer than the radius of a square patch (that has a same total area). Because our triangular patches have long radii, they work best when used with long jags or our Jag BrushesTM.

Longer radii and less flannel folding over onto itself means more exposed fabric area. More fabric exposed means less unused/unexposed fabric, and it makes them more efficient than square patches.

Caliber --> Side Length (inch) --> Radius (inch)
17-20 --> 1.3" --> 0.75"
22-27 --> 1.9" --> 1.097"
27-35 --> 2.875" --> 1.660"
35--58 --> 3.8" --> 2.194"
shotgun --> 4.56" --> 2.633"

Save Time and Less Work

You will make your guns Cleaner FasterTM using fewer patches.

See Video

See video here.

Patch Physics

One reason a patch gets stuck inside the bore is that it forms too much 5-layer pleating. The notches in our patented patch design remove all or most 5-layer pleating, and the remaining 3-layer or small amount of 5-layer pleating gives a good tight fit that does not get stuck and reduces rod bowing. See details in press release here.

A second reason why a patch gets stuck is because its extremity reaches over the top of the base of a solid jag in small bores where there is little clearance between jag base and bore wall. Our Triangle PatchTM has a long radius, and that means it can reach over and around the base of short jags. You should use long jags with our patches so that the patch radius is not longer than the jag length, where the jag length is measured from the tip to the top of the base. See jag selection). To reduce the problem of combos becoming stuck in bores, use patches with our patented dual-purpose bore brushes called Jag BrushesTM.

A third reason why a patch becomes stuck is that the body or ribs of a solid jag leaves little space between the jag and bore wall. Jag diameters vary, and bore diameters for a fixed caliber vary also. In conjunction it means clearances vary. The flexibility of the bristles of our Jag BrushTM makes it more forgiving than a solid jag that has a similar diameter.

A fourth reason a patch gets stuck is because the fabric is thick. Thicker fabric makes thicker pleats. If you have a problem of patches getting stuck, you can test different patch fabrics with different jags. Twill fabrics tend to be thicker than flannels, and flannels thicker than knits.

Made in USA

Our prices to you for the unique die-cut design are low because not only did we innovate them here in the USA, but also, we manufacture the patches at our plant in Southern California. Our flannel is made in the USA.

Patent Pending

Utility patents are pending in the USA and other countries.